Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I've been surfing - as you do. What has surprised me is the number of reblogs I come across. (Heavy de-ja-vou.) Also the number of bloggers that just post an image, with not a word of why they like the image. I always thought a good comment made a blog. Obviously, this is just me?

This image has appeared on quite a few of these sites, minus my caption. Those that have made a comment say how much they wish they were the guy. I can't supress a giggle, as I altered this image, adding the CB-3000 to make it better for the caption. It's as much a fantasy as the caption. I hope the original couple don't come in for some teasing. You can just imagine it, can't you? - Their friends turning up to a dinner party and demanding to see the CB-3000. My apologies, if they do.

I've mentioned on both my blogs how I like to alter images. This is my therepy - fantasy. I hope in my persuit of a good caption I don't inadvertantly cause a problem for the people in the photo. That said, re-blog away! I can hardly get precious over images I've found, many of which were re-blogged.

And now for some...

If you're wondering what I did to the above image, it used to be black and white.

Do you think he looks worried or excited to you?


Giles English said...

I didn't realise that some of these are faked up - I mean apart from signage and logos.

Can you do the same with paintings? For example: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/%C3%89douard-Henri_Avril#Illustrations_to_De_Figuris_Veneris

ptathuk said...


I've been altering images for years!

Nice paintings. - Proving that porn is as old as the temple walls!

What had you in mind?


Giles English said...

Chastity belts on the males. Whips in the hands of the females... that kind of thing. :)

ptathuk said...


Alas I think my skills are not up to the task.

It sometimes takes me ages to find images I can blend. e.g. second image in the set: The lady in the left-hand background is planted. The fella on the right was shoe-horned in. In the background, between the couple is a full hood that wasn't there, either. Phew! Took ages, but I loved the result.

I think you'll have to continue to use your imagination.


Throne said...

Nice group of caps. My favorite is the one accompanying the pic of the young couple standing in the woods. The idea of him having to turn her into a nympho while being denied sex himself is delightful. She will keep him locked more and more while she wants endless fulfilment. Wonder if they'll be on your cuckold site next?

ptathuk said...

Thank you, Throne.

I only had the one picture of them. Do I sense another story coming on?


games said...

I was surprised to find the first one was shopped, I was probably one of those who commented the first time I saw it. Great job, although a little bit disappointing to find that out.

ptathuk said...


One man's fact is another's fantasy. You shouldn't believe all you read in the papers. etc. etc.

Sorry to burst the bubble. I just retreat back in the fantasy, where it's safe! :-))


troy myall said...

hi love the blog and nice work with the images but i was wondering where you got the symbol for keyholder as my girlfriend wants it engraved on a ring and i cant find it online any help would be much appreciated


BOB said...

I love the third image down ! I love the sighn for the beach. With women becoming more and more outpacing men in education and earning power, i would think that sooner or later someone will market "CFNM" style baches towards women. with women being allowed to be clothed and men being forbidden to wear any type of clothing.

I can imagine that kind of beach being popular for Hen Parties,Girls Weekends, and even honeymoons.Where a newly married woman shows off her naked husband and takes the opportunity to check out the "packages" of other males

I think that more andmore we will see restraunts/pubs that market towrs and cater to women, by having shirtless/scantly clad , male waiters.Who serve food and drinks to the women while the women's husbands sit there helplessly watching thier wives stare lustfully at the athletic bodies of the hunky waiters

And allready[at least in America] tv shows are catering more and more to women by showing shirtless male actors.i think this trend will increase rapidly

ptathuk said...

troy myall,

Sorry to have missed your comment for so long. The design is from a necklass sold on-line, but I can't remember the URL. Sorry. A quick search would find it. I think they offered it in gold as well as silver?


Thank you. Love the CFNM idea. Check out my secondary blog site with more on the cuckolding theme.