Sunday, 13 November 2011

Stop Wanking - This Is A Chastity Blog!

Stop that! Yes, you. Stop wanking. You're reading a chastity blog, so have a little restraint. Well, actually, have a lot of restraint. So, wanking over chastity fantasies, eh? Well, well, that's a bit of a paradox. So you like paradoxes? ...

The old Sci-Fi time travel paradox, of going back in time to kill your grandfather, so you'd never get born. Who is it then that goes back in time to do the murder?

Back on theme... So you go back in time to stop yourself cuming, last Tuesday. Tease & denial - great! Then you come forward in time to when you left. Do you remember the orgasm?

Have you stopped wanking, yet?

I bet none of you stopped. Can't have it both ways, or can you?


Jörn said...

Best possible headline for a chastity blog!!
And nice pics as well …

ptathuk said...


Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for the encouragement.


Throne said...

On the seventh photo she's saying how he can rub on anything to cum but she doesn't want a mess. How about dry humping? Make him keep his jeans on and keep pushing against her thigh and butt. There's a great scene of this in the movie BAD TEACHER. The guy does make a mess but it's in his pants. Embarrassing wet spot.