Thursday, 29 April 2010

Concerned About Me?

I'd like to thank everyone that posted a kind comment, during my absence. They all meant a great deal to me. A heart felt thank you.

All is right with the world - well, not quite, there's a general election coming up and the accompanying madness is in the air. Anyway, soon be over. Then we can go back to normal; being lied to by our politicians and officials. I'm with Billy Connolly, "Don't vote, it only encourages them." I'm never sure what is worse, a politician you can't trust or one you do? Enough of this. No political comments please. Just my rant. - Not interested in anybody elses politics.

Anyway back to my therapy, and by the number of followers I seem to have accumulated, yours as well. Naturally enough the theme is 'Concern'.


j said...

Welcome back! You were sorely missed!

ptathuk said...


Thank you. That was quick. I'm still posting!