Friday, 30 April 2010

Fetish Kimmy Oh My!

Been a silent fan for a while, now. I first came across her on YouTube. Sadly the small images were a bit poor, but I could tell that the lady had a lovely sense of humour and loved all the stuff I did: black and shiny, with the occasional colour thrown in for contrast. I especially love the corsets, which have such a dramatic and lovely effect.

The onlt small thing is, I prefer stilleto heeled boots and shoes, rather than the platforms. But I know how hard these are to walk in, and can understand why the lady has more platform soles in her collection. Still, she does have one pair of mid-calf heels that I would love to see more of. (hint!)

There is a big thing in this country at the moment about obesity. My own view is: yes, there are health risks for BBWs. There are some people more at risk than others, which is purely down to genetics. However, if the lady remains healthy, then there is no need to panic and get a gastric band or worse. I would remind everyone that the second 'B' stands for 'beautiful'. Anyway, I wish Kimmy continued good health, and hope she knows that there is a crowd of us who like soft as opposed to sharp.

P.S. I hope she doesn't mind the use of her images. You can find more of her at: and her videos are at Well worth the surf.


Throne said...

I was at a convention once,for fans of cult movies and other good stuff, and there were a few Goth type gals there, full figured and dressed much like this lovely. The effect of being a few steps away from them is quite powerful. Imagine what it would be like to live with one -- in chastity.

ptathuk said...


I have, I have!


kimmy said...

I thank you for your awesome comments. I don't mind the pics at all, very interesting what you did with them. I am retooling my website, adding new videos and pictures. I will be adding to my blog as well to keep everyone better updated. I will be doing a video soon with those high heels you like, and if you have any other ideas..feel free to let me know, I try to be as available as I can with all my's your ideas and suggestions that shape the website because I do what I do for you.