Wednesday, 16 June 2010

How Masochistic Are You?

Would it turn you on to imagine being the slave of a slave? I suppose love knows no bounds, so if your lady love was herself sub, and in love with a Domme, would you still want to be with her?

It would obviously depend on the person, but hell yeah! Wow, you'd never get unlocked! Great fun.


Throne said...

Think of the possibilities with three kinky people together.

ptathuk said...

Thanks, Throne. A love triangle? He loves the sub, the sub loves the Mistress, so the sub gives him to her, as a token of her love. Something like that?


Throne said...

Like that exactly. Then the sub has to serve both women. Or serve only the female sub, who always serves the Mistress. Or he only gets to watch them play while he suffers in chaste silence. So many permutations.