Monday, 7 June 2010

Throne's At It, Again

A little while ago, Throne wrote a story in my honour: Sweet Asian Bride. Again, thank you, Throne.

So he's at it again, but this time the theme is with a BBW bride. It's called Teased In Chastity, and is great, but what happens next? As a taster, I found this lovely lady while surfing, and I could imagine her in Throne's story. (I've used Throne's words for the caption.)

Both stories, as well as others are on Alterboy's super website.

Throne, keep up the good work.


Throne said...

Great photo, terrible caption. No, wait, those ARE my words. Great caption. I also have some recent efforts on Fictionmania, for those interested in feminization and a guy being turned into -- his wife's vibrator?

ptathuk said...

Any news on what happens next for the Oriental or the BBW? YOu know me; a sucker for a romantic story?


Throne said...

I've submitted another story to Alterboy. It's not a direct continuation of either of those but does show a similar couple as their relationship progresses. Waiting for it to be posted there.