Monday, 28 June 2010

Return To The "She's Sub, Too" Theme

I was surfing some self-bondage sites, and came across a video of Lore Lee, (of Bedroom Bondage fame). This particular story involved the lady's obsession with tying herself up. (Also lessons in how to make sure you can escape, when you're on your own. - She kept needing to be let free! - SAFE, sane & consensual still applies!)

Not one to skip admiring a good obsession, I was struck at how difficult it must be when a couple finally realise what they like the best, but discover that they're more alike than they perhaps want to be. That is to say: they discover that they're both submissive. Needless to say a great deal of compromise may seem the only answer. Not ideal.

I hope these captions offer some inspiration for submissive guys to realise what energy goes into playing these games. I also hope submissive gals are inspired to use their submissiveness in the game.

Finally, how about this enterprising young lady. I'd love to play out her solution...


Giles English said...

Final sequence:

"Surprise! And, guess what? I mailed my key to you at work."

"First person to beg for their key becomes the other's slave for a month."

"Are you feeling lucky?"

ptathuk said...

Feeling very lucky, Giles; very lucky indeed. Thank you. :-))