Friday, 20 March 2009

Not Ready

A few years ago I was approached by a lovely lady at a monthly fetish market. Her opening line was very flimsy. "Do I know you from somewhere?" Very cute. At the time I was going through some awful life stuff (nothing to do with a relationship), and the last thing I wanted to do was inflict my problems on another.

I often think of her, and deeply regret not being in a position to accept her conversation invitation. Looking back, I think she was as lonely as I was. A large part of my regret is not even taking the time to find out. (A measure of how awful my life was, then.)

I would like to apologise to her, and hope she found someone, at the market. Slim chance that she should read this, but perhaps the eather will deliver the carma?

Sometimes carpe diem is easier said than done. We are human, and we make mistakes.

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