Sunday, 29 March 2009

Seeking Therapy

You know, I don't need to seek therapy for my obsessive, compulsive behaviour, right? I'm as sane as anyone. Honest! I've found an outlet. And I must admit, I enjoy this blogging. I hope others enjoy it too, not just the endorphin rushes. I do feel sorry for those still dazed and confused. It can last decades. I know. But there is help, at hand.

The obvious is the Internet; Anarchy incarnate, where everything and anything is under discussion. Also, there are professionals available. I think I've mentioned this before; I've never used a lady of negotiable virtue. I'm too much of a romantic, and I don't separate sex and love. (For those that can - fine. It's just not me.) The one circumstance, I think, where I would is to help a partnership. A marriage counsellor that gets right to the bottom of things! (Sorry - couldn't resist.) A situation where regular counsellors would be next to useless. Get the right professional for the job.

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