Monday, 9 March 2009


I think a man (or woman) is as good as their word. How much they say (under their control) that actually comes true. To me this shows the strength of a character. - The ulimate worth of a person.

I hate life as a poker game; I'd much rather it was a chess game.

Smart-arse twists of the language to avoid telling the truth are just as bad as lies. If you don't want to get found out tmorrow, don't lie today.

There is an awful trend where people say all sorts of things rather than possibly hurt someones feelings. In my view, this just stores up trouble for later. This awful trend can be traced back to our childhood. The response to our query, "Are we there yet?" is met with, "Soon." When nothing could be further than the truth.

Like Alice, you should do three impossible things before breakfast, then make a promise AND keep it.

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