Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I learnt a long time ago that the only sure way to get money out of a bookmaker was to work for one. I don't gamble. However, there are other uses for games of chance. (And in my view, you would still get the adrenaline rush when playing. Cheaper, too!)


mrbaldwin said...

I like this idea a lot.

Maybe she wants you to come as badly as you do, but she can't give in because the rules are made.

Or maybe she doesn't want you to come, so if you win release, she'll be very cruel to you about it.

Either way, I like it.

pantsdropr said...

I just love the element of chance in chastity play. I really like this one. This caption is just great, the woman is a bit severe looking for my tastes thought. I like the innocent types.

ptathuk said...


Thank you for your comment. Love how you think. How about: whichever hand he chooses, she switches the key to the other one? pantsdropr did say she looked mean.


Thank you for your comment. I too like the innocent look. But then we discover it's a facade. Yet, who would believe us?

Thanks again, guys.