Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mixed Messages

Once you've confessed, and to your utter joy your partner has agreed to give it a go, slow down. It's very difficult to imagine what it was like for you at the beginning, when you first discovered chastity play. It's also very difficult for you to put a time estimate on all the research (yes, I mean porn surfing!) you've done. So don't blow it by trying to give her all the information at once. All you'll end up with is a good impersonation of someone drunk, with their head spinning, and none of the usual fun associated with social drinking.

What may be clear in your head, may be a mixed message in her's. My advice: break it down into points. Once you've given over a few points, ask questions. Don't treat her like an idiot. There is a world of differnce between ignorance and stupidity. To quote Mr Spock, "For everything there is a first time."


pantsdropr said...

I like your comments on moving slow once the subject of chastity has been introduced. That's the situation I am in. I have introduced the subject. We talk about it, have purchased a device and are slowly moving in that direction. Thanks for the reminber to not push it too hard.


ptathuk said...


Thank you for the encouragement.

Have you thought of keeping a blog, to share the first tentative steps, to help others?

Hope is all going well