Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Admiring the human form

For those of you following my Blog, you may have noticed that I like the more curvy ladies. The sad fact is, those with this body type tend to be the most insecure. (Or is it just me?) I do hope that the more 'they' see that their body type is admired, the more confidence they will have in themselves, and the more they will display it for us admirers. Perhaps a nudist holiday? Too big a step?


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered how people on a nude beach would react to someone wearing a device. I guess it might depend upon whether it's a family oriented nudist area, or a more sophisticated environment.

ptathuk said...

If it's one of the CB-X00 range or similar, there could hardly be any objection on the grounds of wearing clothes!

Now, a full steel belt would be like underwear. Definately not nude.

Thanks Tom.

mcbeth said...

I love the way you think!