Saturday, 21 February 2009

It's All Sex

I think I've made the point before; sex need not necessarily involve sexual intercourse. Giving pleasure involves a level of intimacy that can only strengthen a relationship. (Cowboys and Indian games for adults.) Some toys (water pistols and a feather headress) can help.

My advice: Never stop practicing.

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mcbeth said...

Ahhhh....if only more women could realize that. It's not about guys who are necessarily feminine and want someone's skirt to hide behind! Personally, I'm a big enough guy to instill confidence in a lady that she is "protected" if you will. Rather, it's all about communication! But your blog has really given me some insight already (and I've just started!) about the fact that I don't need to talk about a LIFESTYLE of chastity or of loving female authority...I can just call it a fantasy and see where it goes. I like that!