Thursday, 12 February 2009

Inspired by a story by Tom Allen


I loved your story "My Chastity Belt Story". I hope you write some more. I know I've tried to encourage you before. Maybe this image will help?


Tom Allen said...

Heh - PT, you do realize that "My own chastity story" is not fiction, right? That is, it's an account of a several month period from about 3 or 4 years ago. I'm not sure how much more that I can write about it.

Of course, I can write about the very first time that we tried it, and kept talking ourselves into going for "just a few more weeks" until it ended up being over 8 months. But who the heck would be interested in hearing about something like that?

Tom Allen said...

BTW - I really enjoy how you have a mix of fetish models and average women. It totally works.

Giles English said...

This is good stuff!

ptathuk said...

Tom. Recreating the conversations, or even embelishing them for the sake of fantasy, would get you trampled under-foot in the stampead to read it! Honest. :-)

Thanks again for the encouragement.

Giles, Thank you for taking the time to comment.