Sunday, 13 December 2009

Body Types

For those following my blog, you will know I have a thing for the more curvy ladies, (as well as the oriental ladies). Strictly speaking even the curvy ladies can be of different body types: ectomorph, etc. As an admirer of the female form, it is often overlooked that the ladies have preferences, too. So the ladies are better placed to see the male shape, and have insight into what kind of chastity device will work. - And perhaps more importantly, what will not work. (Reducing dissapointment.)

I see many posts in forums that ask too general a question. I'm all in favour of some serious experimentation, but it could work out expensive. I think it would be quite useful for the manufacturers to explain how they arrived at each design, and what body types are best serviced by which design. Just thinking aloud here. If you agree, pass it on.

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