Monday, 21 December 2009

Watching the Cogs Whirr, But Not Grind

Another thing I admire is a logical lady. (Yes, I've come across lots!) I love those that make that extra effort to communicate. A major part of my fantasies involve ladies that are on the same wavelength as I. It makes for a smooth relationship. Of course, this is my fantasy. And in my fantasies the ladies are in my head, so it's no surprise when they can read my mind!

One of my favourite films is Love And Human Remains. In it is a dominatrix that is an empath. Apart from being stunninly georgious, she can anticpate the guy's fantasy, and act it out accordingly. Heaven!

If we admit to ourselves that we are flawed humans, would it be so terrible to have your life partner inside your head, and you in theirs? Would the divorce rate drop to zero?

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