Monday, 21 December 2009

Something Different That's The Same

It's coming up to my one year anniversary, for this blog. I realise that those that follow it will see a definate pattern. My tastes may change slightly, with the seasons, but I'm still me. (You know, with the obsession?) I still like to caption images, but sometimes see the same message in the different images.

I've also seen a decline in the number of comments, but I can put this down to everyone gearing themselves up for the gift-giving season. I'm sounding insecure here, but I'm not.

I have two major conflicts constructing this blog, as I have chosen to publish my captions and some of my 'pocket philosophy': First, I have an audience - customers. I'd like to keep them entertained. Second, the blog is my creative outlet. It is (for the vast majority) an expression of what I like, not necessarily my customers. I of course love it when the message comes full circle that someone likes what I like. I. e. we are not alone.

I think what I'm trying to say is that I hope you don't mind seeing the same themes repeated. It's what I like.


pantsdropr said...

I don't mind seeing the same themes repeated, especially when it's the ones I like. My favorite being the innocent types who are just realising how a locked cock can benefit them.


hersforever said...

I say keep up the good work -- your blog is enjoyable, and even the repetitive themes include different images and I, for one, keep coming back!

BadBob said...

I agree, repeated themes doesn't have to mean the same - the pictures are different and the wording can explore different nuances. Often your captions inspire me to think of a different way to express a similar thought. So please do keep on - I check to see if there are updates almost every day.

Giles English said...


Plus I feel that you are exploring your themes, and getting closer to them - so it is a journey.

I have th esame problem on my blog - people consume, but don't comment.

Tom Allen said...

No, the problem is that we don't see *enough* of them! Why aren't you posting 4 or 5 times a week?

And about the comments? Things get buys for a lot of people around the holidays. It's hard finding time to view these lovelies with family hanging over yoru shoulder, telling you to check out the dancing babies on Youtube.

ptathuk said...


I'm touched. Thank you.

Kent, I too love the innocence of youth; you know, when you're just starting a new relationship? Then it turns out you haven't corrupted that inosence at all. She likes locking you up! Heaven! But she still has that inoscent look.

Giles, I think I'm less fussed about the consume side. The exception to this would be to know if I'd inspired a couple to explore their honesty, together. That really would be special.

Mr Allen, 4 or 5 times a week? Oh my! How long have we been locked up? Hmm? Breath! :-))

You could keep a laptop or something in the bedroom, and do some surfing whilst Mrs Edge recovers from all her - happiness? Work out some of that pent up energy by writing a story. If you can't remember how things started with you and Mrs Edge, fiction is good. (Yes, this again! Sorry.)

Seriously though, I'll always be greatful to you for your initial encouragement to start this blog. Thank you, Tom.


Chaste Hubby said...

I enjoy your posts and the picture above this comment block is absolutely wonderful.

ptathuk said...

Chaste Hubby,

Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for the encouragement.