Friday, 21 August 2009

Getting Harder And Harder

I've been looking back on some of the blogs I've made. Some topics obviously come up a few times. This is not an apology. These topics are important to me, and can bear the repetition.

My love of Venus In Furs is an example. It should therefore follow that I identify with the main character. The extent, however, is much more selective. Severin likes physical and emotional torment. To me, his emotional torment is idealised into the physical. For myself, if given the choice, I would always choose a physical torment. E.g. Spanking, caning, whipping etc. I need and crave emotional stability. For me, giving my lady my pain is somehow proof of love. Pondered this a lot, but haven't the foggiest why.

It should be no surprise that I fantasise about pain as an incentive for staying locked in chastity.

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