Wednesday, 5 August 2009

No Good Deed Should Go Unpunished

Music to a masocist's ears! I've seen on a number of blogs, forums, and comments here the notion that bribery is the way to get yourself locked up. This is an empty notion. I mean, trying to use phrases like, I'll be more loving, I'll do more about the house, I'll never say no to giving you more oral sex, etc. It's been argued that you should be doing these things anyway; and rightly so.

Let's come back to the oral sex. Giving your loved one more endorphine highs could lead to a pattern of expectation. Don't forget, endorphines are addictive. You will certainly miss them, if you went cold turkey. (Sudden, and total chastity.) So, just what would happen if you increased your frequency of oral sex, and then suddenly stopped? Anyone feel brave enough to tease the teaser?

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