Saturday, 22 August 2009

How Permanent Is Permanent?

Once you've fantasised that your keyholder has locked you up for good, what next? Is it like those old Saturday morning matinees? You know, where the hero falls off the cliff, then next week he's back on the cliff? (Cliff-hanger! d'oh.)

I suppose that's the best thing about fantasy, you never have to put it to the test.


Tom Allen said...

Mrs. Edge likes this fantasy - but as a fantasy. She's perfectly happy to let me out once in a while for a few days.

Unlike most of the chastity caps I see, though, what she likes if for me to wear the strap-on and use it on her. This way, she doesn't have any lack of, well, whatever she happens to want.

BTW, she and I were talking about it this morning, and neither of us can remember how we introduced it. It was at least ten, and maybe fifteen years ago. I might have made a device and showed her, or I might have described it to her. We can't remember anything until we started using the 3k in 2003.

Giles English said...

I think you have to distinguish between the two fantasies: The act of making chastity permanent; and the experience of permanent chastity.

My fantasies tend to start where others leave off.

ptathuk said...

Tom & Mrs Edge,

Thank you for having the conversation. It's very interesting that you both forget the beginning. I suspected this may be true, as Tom, you come across as a forward thinking person. How do I make things better, etc.? Rather than, how do I fix the things that went wrong, etc.?

If the wisdom of your beginning suddenly hits, out of the blue, please pass it on.

Here's hoping :-))

BTW, I'm very flattered that Mrs Edge reads my blog. I thought my therapy was a male-only pitstop. Lovely to find out otherwise.


I'll leave the details to the reader. If you want to take my fantasies further, in your head, then good for you. Go for it. Enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.