Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I'll Take The Large One

We all want to afford the 'large' one; to not have any money worries. I think that the biggest cause of marital stress today is money worries. Do all those adverts actually work? Some are so banal, it does make one wonder.

Personally, I like getting the best I can afford, in the hope it will last a long time. Although, I must admit, I've yet to go shopping for a dildo. How does one approach the sales lady, and request 'the large one, please'?


Anonymous said...

That's why God gave us online stores -- and he saw that it was good.

I kind of like this pic, but I think I would have captioned it differently. To me, she doesn't look like a newbie, but like somebody with a little experience. I think that she's telling him how much she enjoys the new toys...

ptathuk said...


Part of the tease is finding out your partner is not so innocent, after all. Kinda like a bonus at Christmas.

Would still like to go real shopping, though. You know, people and everything? Just finding the right shop-mate is the tricky bit.