Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Old Ones Are Best

Even though the old style underwear covers more, I still think it incredibly sexy. I suppose it transports one to a simpler time. But then one forgets all the stuff we now take for granted, like the technology that gives us this blog. I couldn't imagine how difficult it was in the 50's to meet someone with the same penchant.

Nostalgia has a habit of being rose tinted, and we easily forget the stresses of yesteryear. When people are stressed we often forget to take the time to have those moments that bring us closer together. Leave it too long and the things that should be done as a matter of course become special. Things like, doing the washing up, giving your partner a massage after a tough day, and being supportive. Our parent's generation seemed to have more time for this sort of thing. (Fewer divorces?)

Just to go back to an earlier point on this blog, The Edge of Vanilla, and others; you should be doing these things anyway, not bargaining with them.


Anonymous said...

What? I completely missed whatever you're trying to say.

ptathuk said...

Oops. Dropped the middle paragraph somehow. Thanks, Tom.