Saturday, 15 August 2009

Professional Help

There are all sorts of counsellors and therapists, from marriage to pets (of all things!). I wonder how many couples actually seek the help of a professional dominatrix to help with their bedroom games?

I suppose there'd be more help required if you found out that you were both sub?


pantsdropr said...

Pththuk, I recently discovered this site and really love it. I will be sending at least a couple of the pictures to my girlfriend who I recently confessed my chastity desires to. My taste in this tend toward the milder side and I really enjoyed the pictures in sections: That First Step, Selfish Fantisies, Playing Games (my fav), and Goals and Ambitions.

Keep up the good work. Do you ever accept captions from others?


Tom Allen said...

Maybe he can put up a few blank pics and the readers can caption them? That would be fun!

ptathuk said...


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I wish you luck with your gf. I know how difficult it is to 'confess' one's proclivities.

You already know that I consider honesty the best policy, otherwise it would be living a lie. - Lies are to be rigorously avoided. I sincerely hope your open, honest approach is rewarded.


Erm, mmmnn, well... Not sure. I don't want to turn this into a forum. There are good ones about. Check out my links, specifically Chastity Mansions. (Although I must admit I've not visited for a while.) It's an excellent mechanism for discussing one's fantasies.

Let me mull it over.