Sunday, 9 August 2009

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Have you ever gone away on holiday, and left the keys at home?

Just fantasy, this one. I think this is a silly thing to do for real. You can never anticipate emergencies. You could bring the key in a sealed container, and promise each other not to brake the seal.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Edge used to leave the keys at her office, so she wouldn't be tempted to use them at night or over the weekend.

I've gone off without the key a few times, although not for a vacation. When she was gone last month, we (very briefly) considered having her take both of them with her.

Giles English said...

We've done overnight lock ins using the timelock software, which is almost the same thing. My CB would be easy to break out of - it uses polypropalene webbing - but hard to repair, so I could get out in an emergency, but have a strong motive not to destroy my toy.

Do you find putting the keys out of reach changes the dynamic?

Tom Allen said...

Giles, it makes the scene feel more "real" when you know that some avenues have been closed.

Chastity is mainly a mental game anyway, as no device can't be cut or broken. But accepting as a given one would only break a device in case of extreme emergency, not having the keys heightens the sense that one needs to focus on other things besides the hope of an orgasm.

When Mrs. Edge just puts the keys in her jewelry box, then I know she (or I) could be tempted to use them. But when they are elsewhere, then I am resigned to another fate.

Giles English said...

Yes. I like it because it removes one set of decisions.

Doesn't it also take away some of her power, though?

Tom Allen said...

Not according to Mrs. Edge. She makes the decision to leave the keys at work in order to avoid giving in to my charms, so in her mind, she's still in control.

luk said...

Do you do some captions in this day ?:) i very like bbw and nun captions :)


ptathuk said...


Thank you for reminding me to remind you about your stories (autobiographies). Still missing your prose, particularly how it all started with you and Mrs Edge.


Patience is a virtue! Thank you for the encouragement, but the muses must inspire, first.


Tom Allen said...

pt, I've got so much *new* stuff that I'm trying to write, why do you want to bother with ancient history?

Lately, I've been writing about how Mrs. Edge wants to kick things up a few notches. Doesn't that inspire you at all?

ptathuk said...


It's all inspirational. Love it all, honest. But I can't shake the love of how it all started. Ancient history it might be, but nexii are incredibly important.

I think I've said before: I believe a lot of people struggle with how to start with a loved one. Many new forums become 'seasoned' within a few weeks. A record of how it all began is priceless.

If you're avoiding this because your particular 'yellow brick road' start made you dizzy, this is even more reason to share. It's the old 'here's my 2c, so you can spend yours a little more wisely'.

Have I persuaded you yet? (Fingers and toes crossed!)